Founded in 2007, Dig For Fire is a creative production company spearheaded by Natalie Johns. Storytellers armed with the belief that live event chronicling should not be an afterthought, we have specialized in creating, capturing and composing memorable experiences. We understand the importance of forming an emotional connection through film and its distribution, and are united in the belief that we have the power to shift perspective not only through what we do, but how we do it.

Stories are everything,Everything is a story.

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We create

  • Original Content
  • Television
  • Branded Entertainment
  • Live Events
  • Documentary Film

Who We Are

Part kindred spirits, part creative network, we collaborate with filmmakers, artists, producers and entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe to create compelling content within the arts, music, film, fashion, sports and cultural communities.

Thanks to the Internet’s egalitarian ways we are able to connect, collaborate and distribute our work and ideas beyond the walls of our respective communities, making perhaps small yet far-reaching differences in this world.

  • Natalie Johns Director + Producer
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    Filmmaker Natalie Johns was born in Zimbabwe, grew up in South Africa and established her career in the London where she specialized in music television with Channel 4, MTV and production company Done and Dusted.

    Johns has spearheaded many music for film projects around the world and worked with a diverse range of artists including Spiritualized, the Rolling Stones, Gorillaz, John Legend & The Roots, Lenny Kravitz, REM, Morrissey, Gil Scott Heron and even worked alongside Amnesty International directing the Electric Burma concert for Aung San Suu Kyi.

    In 2007 Johns created independently spirited Dig for Fire —a new venture in storytelling and film, heavily focused on music and tailored for the digital age.

    Commercial clients have included iTunes, Rock the Vote, Coca-Cola and more recently Natalie has acted as a director and creative consultant on all music film for Spotify during it’s launch in the US. She is a guest director on PBS’s Emmy Nominated international hit “The Artists Den”. Last year she created “All Became Golden”, a record film with a romantic British chanteuse Essie Jain who rediscovers her love of music through a collaboration with New York composer Nico Muhly and filmmaker Natalie Johns.

    At present Natalie is bringing her diverse sensibilities to a number of feature length projects, “If I Ventured In the Slipstream,” a documentary that offers an impressionistic take on independent music and its future.  She is also currently in post production on a feature length documentary titled “I Am Thalente” which follows once homeless South African skateboarder, Thalente Biyela from the streets of South Africa to California on a skateboard.

    Accolades include Best Commissioned program on the multichannels for The MTV Nike Freestyler TV Documentary, a Billboard Women in Music nomination and an OMMA Award for the FADER +Nikesportswear Pitch Perfect documentary series.  “Music for RAIN”, conceived by Johns received a Gold at the Digital Impact Awards – an artistic collaboration with musicians Chris Taylor and Solange Knowles for Coca Cola’s Replenish Africa Initiative, devoted to supplying clean water to Africans. The YouTube live webcast series “The Switch” directed by Johns and produced alongside the French video blog La Blogotheque was nominated for an “O Award” and listed as #8 in 140 Proof’s 10 ten Social Ad campaigns.

    Natalie currently resides in Los Angeles.

    Click here for Natalie’s Directors Showreel

  • Oualid MouanessCreative Director + Producer// Tricycle Logic
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    Oualid Mouaness founded Tricycle Logic in the year 2000 and has been creating images since its inception. In this current decade of rapid change, Tricycle and its creative partners look to merge ideas and explore media conduits that thrill and transcend. Creating a social and artistic discourse is paramount.

    Oualid Mouaness has produced numerous commercials and music videos with RSA/Black Dog Films Films, HSI Productions and Anonymous Content collaborating with directors Floria Sigismondi, David LaChapelle, Jonas Ackerlund, Robert Hales, and Meiert Avis among others. Mouaness’ independent documentary and narrative feature works include KITCHEN PRIVILEGES aka HOUSEBOUND (SXSW 2000), RIZE (Sundance 2005), and PARIS, NOT FRANCE (2009). His directing work includes shorts films and promos. Up next is a feature film titled “1982″ which he wrote and is slated to direct in 2014. He is a RAWI / SUNDANCE Screenwriting Lab Fellow. View the work of Oualid Mouaness and Tricyle Logic here