Dent May in Summer Jammin’ With Ice Cream Man Ep #3

27 Jul

via @icecreamman Since driving Bessie to New York City in 2006 I’ve always felt like a heat wave begins once I get to town. This weekend was no exception. On Friday when I picked up 1,000 Ben & Jerry’s treats, it was 103 in NYC, and felt like 118. For our first stop we met The Futurebirds outside the Standard Hotel for a little busking action. The band kindly stopped by to play on a corner for us and our friends at Spotify. On Saturday we hung out with Dent May (Dent May) and his band as they messed with the Omnichord to play their new single “That Feeling.” Check out the Dent May episode of our Summer Jammin’ tour with Spotify on Pitchfork TV.

Saturday was spent at Prospect Park for Celebrate Brooklyn with The Feelies, Real Estate and Times New Viking. I drove to Fort Greene to pick up the crew (all FIVE of them piled in the truck somehow) and on the way to the park we rocked The Feelies’ new album “Here Before” (The Feelies – Here Before) on Spotify via the iphone app. Not quite 100 on Saturday, but still hot. The best part of the day was when The Feelies joined us in the park to play a song for “Summer Jammin,” which was quite the honor.


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